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Privacy Policy
# **Privacy** 14Planet keeps its user’s accounts safe and secure from being manipulated, compromised, or hijacked by hackers. You may be required several times to confirm your account on a regular basis to enable us to secure your account more.\ \ We act fast on accounts that use the same name and picture on two accounts created with us for false identification. We ensure that any information related to your account is not used by any of our users on this platform. Any member of our website prone to using your content is only allowed to bookmark your content rather than copying and paste it to his or her profile; we legitimize what is yours forever on our platform.\ \ If you discover that someone has duplicated your account, please report it hastily so that we can act quickly on it. # **Policy** Any users whose accounts have been reported to us must immediately reply to the mail sent to them to claim innocency, as they may be reported to their "government law" or "account deletion" from our platform with the grace of "third week" when we receive the report from the person who reported the account to us. You can easily contact us at [admin](mailto:admin@14planet.com.ng) with any feedback or suggestions about the platform.